Peanut Punch Flavoured Milk Drink

A couple of months ago we valiantly reviewed ‘Eggnog Flavoured Milk Drink ‘ for your reading pleasure. We discovered that despite the name, it was in fact an unholy faux-banana-bubblegum-squirty-cream flavour. Even with the ‘artificial cognac brandy’.

We promised to review it’s nutty sibling the ‘Peanut Punch Flavoured Milk Drink’ (just brimming with pithy product name zingers aren’t they?) and… here we are!

Don’t say we never do anything for you.

     Drink: Serge Island Premium Peanut Punch 240ml

     Bought at: Tesco

     Price: 75p

     Available at: TescoAmazon

Initially the promise of a smooth… creamy…. cool…… buttery……… nutty experience fills me with eager anticipation. The unassuming carton calls to me. It sings sweetly. Drawing me to it with it’s siren song….


I remind myself that this shelf stable ‘flavoured milk drink’ was snatched off a dusty shelf from a forgotten corner of Tesco for 75p. Surely it can’t be a lot better than the last box of disappointment?

Let’s just get it open and have a swig.

Stabbing your way in through a two dimensional peanut feels a bit OTT. Haven’t they suffered enough already?

There is 10% peanut butter, 9.1% peanut and a massive 25g of sugar in this little box. I am therefore expecting a huge, sweet peanut ice cream flavour as I take a gulp.



This is not what I expected.

The initial creaminess gives way to a raw, natural and unroasted peanut flavour. It’s a strange experience that is borderline cloying at first, and then a bit too woody and green tasting at the finish. It manages to miss the mark in opposite ways at the same time. Wow.

I am not quite sure if I am enjoying it or not, but I can’t stop drinking the stuff and marveling at the trip happening on my tongue. I offer Megan a go but I am not sure she is game.

Lottie: “Have another sip, it’s not too bad!”

Megan: “I will not.”

Is it delicious? No. But it is fascinating and worth a dabble if you are a foodie thrill seeker.



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