itsu Chocolate Edamame

Here’s another snack we found on the bottom shelf of the Sainsbury’s ‘impulse buy’ section near the till. We chose these because of the weird AF packaging – a bikini-clad woman’s bum? Really?

Lottie: “I like how they put the window over the ball but not over her arse.”

Snack: itsu chocolate edamame 35g

Bought at: Sainsbury’s local 

Price: approx. £1.20

Also available from: OcadoWaitrose

On closer inspection, it appears itsu, the company behind these chocolate coated edamame beans, is actually the official partner of the Volleyball England Beach Tour, and, looking at their website, much of their packaging features photographs of volleyball players. But maybe they should have put, say, a banner across the front of the box, rather than a tiny logo on the side, so that people don’t just think they’re being weird and trying to sell ‘healthy’ snacks with scantily-clad ladies?

Looking into itsu further, it turns out they were founded 20 years ago by one of the people behind Pret A Manger, and currently have 70 stores, but we’ve never heard of them before. Then again, Sheffield only got its first branch of Pret last year, so we’re not exactly in a Mecca of trendy brands here.

itsu seem to be very health focussed, and bill this product as high in fibre and a healthier alternative to chocolate-coated peanuts, but they actually have more fat per 100g than a kitkat. And they’re stupidly expensive.

Despite having put effort into a slick website, there’s a typo in the first sentence of their ‘about us’ section, and, EVEN WORSE, they use the motto “eat beautiful”:

Lottie: screams “That doesn’t make grammatical sense!”

Down to the eating: we’re expecting these to be a lot like chocolate coated nuts or coffee beans, but less delicious, and we’re not wrong.

On opening the inner packet (and do they really need a cardboard box as well?) the beans do look temptingly dark and glossy. Biting in, the chocolate has a good flavour, and it’s a nice thick coating of it. The roasted edamame interior is crunchy, and very faintly nutty/salty, but to be honest it isn’t doing much.


They’re perfectly pleasant to eat, and we polished off the rest of the (small) packet easily enough, but what is the point? We’d rather have some chocolate almonds or peanuts, but even if you’re looking for a healthier snack, you’d be better off with a few squares of some better dark chocolate. Purely based on the product, we give these:


But, particularly given the high price for such a small product, and how much the packaging offends us on a really primal level, we’re going to reduce the score to:



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