Polly Puffar Sea Salt

Here’s another snack we picked up on our trip to Stockholm – Polly Puffar Sea Salt.

Lovely sea imagery in the background there.

Snack: Cloetta Polly Puffar Sea Salt 150g

Bought at: 7-Eleven in Stockholm

Price: £2ish

I grabbed these at 7-Eleven because I have been completely taken in by the trend for salted caramel and salted chocolate. Also, our friends Bella and Cyd gave us a bag of regular Polly a while back which we enjoyed. The regular Polly are sort of chewy, sort of marshmallowy things coated in chocolate (the manufacturer’s website says “delightfully chewy foam drops”), but Polly Puffar are rather different.

The Puffar are “salty corn puffs covered with milk chocolate”. Oddly, the front of the packet is entirely in English (except for the word ‘puffar’), which makes sense as these are sold in several countries – no point repackaging them I suppose. However there is absolutely no English on the back of the packet. Puzzling.

Moving on to the Puffar themselves: they are rather unfortunate looking. That’s wishful thinking on the packaging. Imagine someone gave some Niknaks a not-very-smooth chocolate coating and you’ve pretty much got the idea. They look like the droppings of a small woodland creature. Lottie also likened them to Jumanji playing pieces. Take a look for yourselves:


Thankfully they made up for their lacklustre appearance by being incredibly moreish. On first bite, we both think we’ve eaten something like this before – but what? We can’t quite place it.

The closest comparison we came up with is a giant Crispy M&M, minus the sugar shell, and with a bit of salt. Texturally, the innards are similar to Niknaks, Monster Munch, Golden Nuggets cereal, and other forms of extruded puffed corn (I like the word ‘extruded’). I think the middle is just salty, with all the sweetness coming from the chocolate coating. They’re very light and easy to eat, rather like Maltesers.

Basically, I think if you like Maltesers and other forms of crispy things coated in chocolate, and you also like the salty-sweet combination, then you’ll find these slip down far too easily. 



Crispy Moth Lentil Bhakarwadi Rolls

Moth. Lentil.

I don’t think I have ever seen these two words used in conjunction with each other before. One of these things I find alarming, unsettling and silently horrifying. The other is a nocturnal flying insect.

Lol just playing – lentils are inoffensive and the very culinary definition of bland. Moths are terrifying and I am the first to exit the room flailing at the sight of the flappy little villains. If you think that irrational, then you are lucky not to have had my mate Tina tell you her infamous horror story about the moth that popped in to say hello to her brother and ‘never left again’… Keep wondering. You do not want to know.

Anyway! Let’s have a gander at the snack:

Despite a resemblance to Pedigree Chum Tasty Bites, these are in fact vegetarian.

     Snack: Kohinoor Bhakarwadi 200g

     Bought At: Tesco

     Price: £1.09

     Available from: Tesco and ASDA

The description on the back of the packet makes me love the people at Kohinoor:

‘Specially packed for the crunchy munchy time… treasure the solitary moments that you much deserve.’

Ahhhhh. In’t that nice?

Well this time I choose to share the crunchy munchy time with Megan, which is fortunate as this modest sized bag of snacks contains a whopping 1074 calories!

Thankfully no moths were found within.

The aroma wafting from the bag is reminiscent of curry flavoured instant noodles with an extra fruity layer wafting over the top. The neat little rolls hold together well and look reassuringly like the picture on the packet. We take a bite:

Megan: ‘Ooh! Not what I expected. It’s sort of like a deep fried fig roll with extra spice.’

The flavour is mild, but far more complex than I expected – a salty buttery flavour gives way to a tangy fruit flavour with a warm, mild spice finish. The texture is great too – crisp and crumbly it disintegrates on your tongue and melts away like flaky pastry.

Very nice, but perhaps doesn’t have enough flavour to justify the enormous amount of calories contained within. They would make a really nice addition to a buffet alongside the usual savoury snackage, where they couldn’t be snarfed down in large quantities by just one person.