Mallow and Marsh Raspberry Marshmallow Bar

I’ve seen these swanky marshmallow bars in the shops before, but always felt that I couldn’t justify spending £1.35 on a fancy marshmallow. But this one was reduced! It’s not near its best before date, so I suspect (and the dust on the wrapper was a big hint) that most Sheffielders – even those frequenting Sainsbury’s, where I bought this – feel the same way I do about over-priced, supposedly fancy snacks.



Snack: Mallow and Marsh Raspberry Marshmallow Bar Coated in 70% Dark Chocolate

     Bought at: Sainsbury’s Local

     Price: Normally £1.35, but reduced to £1.00

Available at: Mallow and MarshSainsbury’s

First of all: the name is just lacking in imagination. It’s like entry-level “How to make your product sound vaguely artisan and hipstery”. To be fair, these do seem to be made by a small company rather than a multinational conglomerate.

Another point in its disfavour: it has a couple of “friendly” messages in speech bubbles on it. It’s self-consciously quirky and it annoys me. One of them is even written from the bar’s point of view. I hate it.



Even worse: they printed the weight and best before information in COMIC SANS.


You go to all that effort to design reasonably tasteful packaging and then you go and ruin it.

Now, I’m a sucker for all things raspberry-and-chocolate, so I’m hoping for good things…

Taking an artistic first bite is hard.

Sadly, the marshmallow fails to deliver with only a hint of raspberry flavour. It’s also a bit too airy for my taste – or rather the bubbles are a bit too large. It’s nice, but not actually nicer than a bog standard marshmallow (a pink one, obvs, they’re the best).

The chocolate is good – it’s nice dark stuff, with just the right amount of sweetness. The thin layer might not look it, but it’s the perfect amount to pair with the marshmallow.

All in all, if these were cheaper, I’d be all for it, but at the current price point, I won’t     be bothering. Sad.